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Ward Family Eugene Ward in Army Eugene Ward Ida Ward Urespsee Irene and Marion Ward Eugene and Margaret Ward Mertle Lee Shavers and Mary Margaret Goines Oscar and Bertie Goines Oscar-Bertie Wedding Photo Oscar and Bertie Goines Riley and Sally Shavers Mary Margaret Goines as child Margaret (Goines) Ward and girls H. E. Ward and family Vernon Ray Ward and Candie Sims Debbie Ward on horse Deborah Jean Ward, grade school Vernon Ray Ward, graduate Sherry Ann Ward Wilburn Ward Mary Dollie Ward Michael and Candie (Sims) Witherspoon Mary Margaret Goines Anell and Wanell Goines, twins Faye (Giddens) Ward and sons Deborah Jean Ward Deborah Jean Ward Veron, Eugene, Gladys, and Billie, Ward Kids Herman Eugene Wards' kids Isabelle (Goines) Bertie Mae (Shavers) Goines brothers Mary Dollie Ward with 3 kids Isabelle (Goines) with 2 sons David Ward David Ward Oscar, Bertie (Shavers) Goines, and kids Mary Dollie Ward's sister and family Buck and Anell (Goines) Sandefer Wilburn Ward Jr., and sister, Trina



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