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Sims Photo Gallery -- Collection 5

James Robert Byerly
Husband of Louisa Marion Brown.

Louisa Marion Brown
Louisa Marion Brown
born: 3 Sept 1843; died: 16 Jan 1915
wife of James Robert Byerly.

Amanda L. Beckworth
Amanda Loraine Beckworth
born: 16 Aug 1920; died: 25 Sep 1978
wife of William Albert Sims.

Stephen Day Sims
Stephen Day Sims, father of William Albert Sims

Isaac Bronson Beckworth
Isaac Bronson Beckworth,
father of Amanda Lorraine (Beckworth) Sims

A. C. Sims, father of Stephen Day Sims

Martha Jane Byerly and Family
Elizabeth (Miller) Kerr Barnett with ? child, and Martha Jane (Byerly) Beckworth with ? child.

Byerlys and Beckworths
?,?,?, Martha Jane (Byerly)Beckworth, daughter Cora Beckworth,
Jim Byerly, Johnny Byerly.

Flora, Jim Byerly, Cora
Flora (Beckworth), Jim Byerly, and Cora (Beckworth) Armstrong.

Aunt Cora and Uncle Bill
Cora (Beckworth) Armstrong with husband, William "Bill" Armstrong.