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Sims Photo Gallery -- Collection 1

Candie Sims, graduate
Candie Ann Marie Sims, 1987 Honor Graduate of Jasper High School, Jasper, Texas.

William Ward Sims wedding
William Ward "Bill" Sims and Robin Walker on their wedding day.

Hubert Ray Sims and Debbie
Hubert Ray Sims and wife Deborah Jean (Ward) Sims

Mike Candie and Sarah
Michael Arthur Witherspoon with wife Candie Ann Marie (Sims) and daughter Sarah Michelle Witherspoon

James Darrell Sims and Family
James Darrell Sims with wife Linda (Matthews) Sims and children Allen Darrell and Colleen Latricia Sims
James is the son of William Albert Sims

Allen and Wanda Sims
Allen Darrell Sims and wife Wanda.
Allen is the son of James Darrell Sims.

Melton Sims
Melton Henry Sims, Jr. "Melton". son of "Henry" Sims.