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Sims Photo Gallery -- Collection 1

William Albert Family
TOP ROW (left to right): Bronson Day Sims (oldest child), James Darrell Sims, Doris Susanna Sims, William Albert Sims MIDDLE ROW (left to right): Edgar Sims, Amanda Lorraine (Beckworth)Sims, Hubert Ray Sims, BOTTOM ROW: Melton Henry Sims

Hubert Sims
Hubert Ray Sims, United States Army. Drafted and served in Germany during Viet Nam War.

William (Bill) Sims in Navy
William Ward Sims or Bill as we prefer to call him, serving in the United States Navy, age 18.

William Sims Family
Bill Sims with wife, Robin (Walker) Sims, and child, Emily Nicole Sims

This home was built by William Albert Sims and occupied by his family until after the death of wife, Amanda Lorraine (Beckworth) Sims. The home is no longer standing. But his children Hubert Ray Sims, and James Darrell Sims and their families live not far from where it once stood.

Homestead Front Porch
This was my most favorite place to be as a child. Grandpa Sims' front porch. I use to swing for hours on that old front porch swing.

Susie Sims
Doris Susanna Sims, daughter of William Albert and Amanda Sims, as a child. "Susie"

Bronson Sims
Bronson Day Sims, as a child. Oldest son of William Albert and Amanda Sims.

Sims, Burns, and Barnett
LEFT to RIGHT: Susanna (Kerr) Sims, wife of Stephen Day Sims.
Mrs. Burns, mother-in-law of Robert Braden Sims. Elizabeth (Miller) Kerr Barnett, ("Granny Barnett") Susanna (Kerr) Sims' mother.

Barnett, Sims, and Martindales
LEFT to RIGHT: Elizabeth (Miller) Barnett, her daughter, Susanna (Kerr) Sims wife of Stephen Day Sims,
Rosa Anna "Rosie" (Sims) Martindale and her daughter, Ida Sue Martindale.

Sims Family Reunion
BOTTOM ROW (left to right): Evelyn Irene (Sims) Shaw and Husband Sherald Otis Shaw,
children: Fred and Ted Morgan (twins), MIDDLE ROW (women): Susanna (Kerr) Sims, Frances Averie (Sims) Morgan,
(mother of the twins), Elizabeth (Miller)Kerr Barnett, Amanda (Beckworth) Sims holding son, Edgar,
Kathy Ruth (Burns) Sims (wife of Robert Braden Sims), holding Bronson Day Sims (son of William Albert Sims),
Ida Sue Martindale, next to mother Rosa Anna (Sims) Martindale, with Herman Morgan (boy)
BACK ROW (left to right): Kimball Morgan, (father of twins) with uncertain child, Stephen Day Sims, Jr.,
William Albert Sims, Robert Braden Sims, Thomas Elton Martindale,
and Leonard "Boots" Morgan (oldest child of Kimball and "Averie" (Sims) Morgan.