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Candie's Tree

Ancestors of Candie Ann Marie SIMS


16384. John SYMES

Symes Coat of Arms
(from Harlein Society publication, page 110)

"Azure, three scallops, or; crest, a demi hind, rampant and erased, or."This roughly translated means:
a shield with head and probably raised forefoot of a female stag (tornfrom its body), with 3 shells, the whole done in Blue and Gold coloring.

20480. Marmaduke BECKWITH

Source #1:
Information on Marmaduke Beckwith and his progeny provided through ane-mail dated 17 Mar 1988, from John Fox of Winston-Salem, NC. (e-mailaddress: Bebenjohn).
Source #2:
Allison Beckworth of North Carolina

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