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Candie's Tree

Ancestors of Candie Ann Marie SIMS


4096. John SYMES Sir

Sir John Symes is buried at Frampton Cotteral in Gloucester County,England. His epitaph recites that he was:
"greatly renouned for wisdom, justice, integrity and sobriety whichtalents he did not hide in a
napkin, but religiously exercised in the whole conduct of his life,especially in government of the county, wherein he boreall the honorable affairs icident to a country gentleman, as a knightof the shire, high sheriff, deputy lieutenant for many years and justiceof the peace for forty years and upward."

John Symes of Poundsford, D. L. J. P. matriculated from Exeter College,
Oxford, 23 February 1587-8. B. A. 9 July 1591. Student of Lincoln's Inn
1589; Member of Parliament for Somerset in 1624 and 1625; High Sherriff.
Will dated 5 October 1658; proved December 19, 1661. John died happy in
the knowledge that his beloved prince had gained control of England.

John and Amy's children can be found in the International Genealogical
Index, 1992 Edition for Somerset County, England.

The Genealogy of the Sims Family by Henry Upson Sims.

Sims Kin, The Decendents of William Symes of Poundsford and Related
Families by Bille Louise and Robert James Owens.

A History of the Sims Family, by Rev. E. M. Sharp.

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