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Candie's Tree

Ancestors of Candie Ann Marie SIMS


10. Isaac Bronson BECKWORTH

Moved to Jasper, Jasper County, TX and lost contact with family.

13. Mary Dollie WARD

David divorced her because she commited adultry.

14. Oscar GOINES

It is known among the Goines family, as told my Mary Melissa (Dawson)Goines, herself, that Oscar's natural father was a Doctor Hollis.(Origin of his father yet unknown as of Nov 1997) He adopted the Goinesname for himself, though there is no record of official adoption byWilliam Lawrence Goines.

His older sister, Florence Goins, born in 1898 was indeed a Goins. In a1900 Census Record, I discovered Mary Melissa living with her father,Thomas Dawson and sister Henrietta Dawson. Oscar was born after thecensus was taken, so he is not recorded. The census records her as aWidow with one child, Florence Goins. So apparently, Mary Melissa wasmarried to another Goins, widowed, then conceived Oscar, and latermarried William Lawrence Goines, with whom she had other children.

Born a Hollis; Father was a Doctor; Oscar adopted Goines name.

© 1999--Candie Sims Witherspoon