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Candie's Tree

Ancestors of Candie Ann Marie SIMS

Eleventh Generation

1024. George SYMES Captain was born 1643 in Somerset County, England. He died 1687 in Antiqua Island, British West Indies. George married Dorothy EVERARD about 1687 in Antiqua Island, West Indies. [Parents]

1025. Dorothy EVERARD was born about 1652 in of Antiqua Island, British West Indies and was christened in For her inheritance. See notes.... She died 30 Apr 1706. [Parents]



1032. Richard BULLOCK died 1703 in Surry Co., VA. He married Mary. [Parents]

1033. Mary.


1040. Samuel MAGRUDER Col. was born 1660. He died 1711. Samuel married Sarah BEALL. [Parents]

1041. Sarah BEALL was born 1658. She died 1734.


1056. William Shephard FOSTER married Margaret NEALE.

1057. Margaret NEALE.


1058. William SHEPHARD married MARY.

1059. MARY.


1072. John LAWSON was born 1660/1668 in Yorkshire, England. He married Mary MCCONNELL in Ireland. [Parents]

1073. Mary MCCONNELL. [Parents]


1280. Henry II BECKWITH was born before 1700 in Dorchester County, Maryland. He died about 1756 in Dorchester County, Maryland. Henry married Mary WARNER on 1717 in Maryland. [Parents]


1281. Mary WARNER. [Parents]


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