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The Byerly's Campground Cemetary is located in the Curtis Community, west-northwest of Jasper, in Jasper County, Texas.

The Texas Historical Commission has erected a marker in the Cemetary which reads:
"Adam Byerly migrated to Texas from South Carolina in 1833 with his father and two younger brothers. He received a mexican land grant of one-quarter league in 1835. Shortly afterward, he invited the Reverand Henry Stephenson, early Methodist missionary, to preach under a brush aubor on his property and initiated the first of many camp meetings at this site. Pioneer families travelled by wagon and camped here for a week or longer to worship and socialize. At one meeting about 1937, the Reverand Stephenson's daughter Edith (1814-1858) married Adam Byerly's brother William (1805-1884).

In 1843 Adam and his wife Nancy deeded 10 acres, including the camp ground site, to the Methodist Episcopal church. About 1850, the Methodists erected a frame church building and opened this cemetary for community use. Earliest known grave is that of Edith Stephenson Byerly.

Several faiths shared use of the church building from 1898 to 1937, the structure also housed the community school. camp meetings ended in the 1930's. The Methodist congregation erected a new church in 1948 on land donated by William Byerly's grandson Adam, and the old building was razed. A cemetary association, formed in 1970, maintains the burial ground. (1977)"


Byerly Campground Cemetary

In Commemoration of
William and Adam Byerly

Who gave this site of ten acres of land
for religious and burial purposes in 1846.
These men along with their father Martin S. Byerly
came to Texas in 1833 from South Carolina.

Given in loving memory by Radford Byerly


Listed below are all of the Byerly names, including Beckworth names found in the Byerly Campground Cemetary. Other names found in this cemetary, some related, some not, will be added later. There are several graves within this cemetary that are marked with rocks. No writing is inscribed. Persons unknown.
Recorded September 7, 1997.

Cora L. Armstrong
(daughter of William and Cora Beckworth Armstrong)

J. I. Beckworth
Aug 13 1917--Sep 23 1919
"In Heaven there is one angel more."
(son of Isaac and Martha Byerly Beckworth)

I. Beckworth
Jan 20, 1867--Jun 4, 1931
(Isaac Beckworth husband to Martha J. Byerly)

Martha J. Beckworth
Jul 26, 1881--Jun 28, 1960
(maiden Byerly, wife of Isaac)

Martin Byerly
Citizen of the Republic of Texas

Edith Stevenson
Wife of William Byerly
b. 1814
d. 1858
Aged 44 yrs. 8 mos.
"She died as she lived, trusting in God."

Wm Byerly
Texas Revolutionary War Veteran

Sally Byerly Whittaker

Welzie Whittaker
Mar 12, 1911--Sep 18, 1983

Geo. W. Byerly

Frank Robert Byerly
Jul 25, 1952--Dec 28, 1979

Hamp Byerly
Nov 15, 1893--Nov 30, 1963
"William Hamp Byerly
PVT 7 CO Development BN
Nov 15 1892--Nov 30, 1963"

Mary (wife of Hamp Byerly)
Jun 24, 1901--Oct 12, 1951

James W. Byerly

Emma D. Byerly

W. H. Byerly
Feb 16 1855--May 11, 1925

Ruth A. Byerly
daughter of W. H. and Emma M. Byerly
Dec 18, 1890--Jun 13, 1911

Roxie Byerly

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Byerly
Dec 11, 1906

Coatney Annabel Byerly
six weeks old
daughter Jan 20, 1906

Tommie W. Byerly
May 5, 1903--May 18, 1968

Carl W. Byerly, III
Dec 18, 1965

Lena E.
wife of Joseph F. Byerly

Joseph F. Byerly

C. W. (Buck) Byerly, Sr.
Carl W. Byerly, Sr.
CEN World War II
Apr 10, 1916--Mar 8, 1970

Dorothy L.
wife of Buck

Charles E. Byerly
(son of Adam H. and Maurine Byerly)
Charles E. Byerly
Texas SP3 US Army
May 23, 1932--Oct 17, 1972

Paul Rhett Byerly
(twin son of Charles E. Byerly)

Charles Brett Byerly
(twin son of Charles E. Byerly)

Rosa Byerly

James R. Byerly
1 Tex Calvary
(No dates shown on marker)

Louisa Byerly

Edith Byerly

Johnie Byerly
son of W. H. and Emma Byerly
May 10, 1889--May 11, 1889

Carol Ann Byerly

Bill Byerly

Maxine (wife of Bill Byerly)

Adam H. Byerly

Maurine L. (wife of Adam H. Byerly)

J. Lynn Byerly

J. Lester Byerly
Apr 9, 1908--Jul 23, 1985

Bernice M. (wife of J. Lester Byerly)
Oct 19, 1920--

Jester A. Byerly
Jul 28, 1896--May 14, 1970

Lula V. (wife of Jester A. Byerly)
Nov 22, 1901--Jan 25, 1994

Almon E. Sims
May 29, 1909--Oct 2, 1967

Jessie S. (Wife of Almon E. Sims)
Feb 6, 1908--Sep 21, 1987

Theo Keller
(stepson of Isabelle Goines Keller)
Mar 9, 1925--Oct 4, 1980

(wife of Theo Keller)
Sep 27, 1933--

J. W. Good
Aug 11, 1854--Jan 3, 1930

J. L. Ward
Mar 1, 1821--Mar 25, 1873
"An Honest Man's the noblest work of God"
(? possibly related to my Ward line)

Baby Boy Sandefer
Jul 16, 1953
(Son of Ulas and Anell Goines Sandefer)

Nazel Ruth Goines
Jan 25, 1942--Feb 24, 1942
(daughter of Oscar and Bertie Shavers Giones)