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Biography of Captain Charles W. Bullock

Surname: Bullock, Scott, Barclay
Captain Charles Washington Bullock was the Capt of the regiment that the 19 Alabama Indian men signed up with in the Civil War. Their story may be found in an unpublished paper at the Shivers Library in the file cabinet in Woodville. Charles Bullock and Isabella Scott Bullock lived in the Wood Creek area. Charles Bullock accompanied James Barclay, and Dave Linsay in the onland ride with the Chief and men of each Alabama Indian family to Indian lands to look it over as a prospective home for the tribe. See the bio on James Barclay for more about that incident.

Charles Washington Bullock

A founding father, friend and neighbor was Charles Washington Bullock of the Wood Creek area. Bullock was born in 1824 in MS, and died in Tyler County in 1902.

There were at least three grown men in east Texas by 1835 before Independence. They may or may not have been kin of Charles W. Bullock b. 1824. These Bullocks are listed below, and a description of their contributions, for the purpose of distinquishing them from Charles W. Bullock. Uriah Irwin Bullock, b. 1808, d. 1854, the son of Batson Bullock and Comfort Turner Bullock, of Georgia. In 1835 he heard of the cause of Texas Independence and helped organize the Georgia Volunteers and advanced it his personal fortune. The battalion was organized at Refegerio in February of 1836, and most of them were killed in the massacre at Goliad. Bullock was not with the battalion, having been left behind, bedridden, at Velasco. After the war was over, Bullock returned to Georgia, financially impoverished and in debt. He married Sarah Cox around 1840 and they had five children.

James Whitis Bullock was born in NC in 1788. He came to Texas from Louisana. His first wife was Nancy Horton and they had eleven children. James and Nancy are listed on the Texas Census of the San Augustine settlement of 167 people as being aged 40 and 32 respectively. They had these children living with them at the time of the census; Juluis, age 16, Mariah A., age15, Susan N., age 13, torn document, age 9, James Dicksen, age seven, Sarah, age 4, Charles A., age 1 and 9 months. His second wife was Sylvia Brunet. Colonel Bullock, a commanding officer in the Texas War for Independence, led the first battle with Mexican Troops at Nacogdoches, in 1832. Later, he gathered an army in east Texas and took them to the battle of the Bexar in San Antonio in December of 1835. It was at the same location where the battle of the Alamo took place a few months later, in March of 1836. There were some Tyler County soldiers under Bullock's command. One of them was James Barclay's brother, Anderson Barclay. Another Bullock in east Texas on the census of 1850 in San Antonio was David Bullock, age 30, a carpenter. He was unmarried.

Charles Washington Bullock was nine years younger than James Barclay, about the same age as James' young brother Jeremiah Todd Barclay. Bullock is named as one of the men who accompanied Barclay to the Indian territories when they escorted a delegation of the Alabama Indians there to select the home that Texas had intended for them under the Indian Relocation Act. James Barclay and his wife Virginia Foster Barclay named one of their sons after Charles W. Bullock. That son was Charles Bullock Barclay. When Texas joined the Confederacy, Charles W Bullock was appointed Captain of a regiment of east Texas men, including nineteen men of the Alabama Indian tribe, Company G, Twenty-fourth Texas Cavalry Regiment (Second Lancers), C.S.A. Captain Bullock had a distinguished Civil War military career that is described elsewhere. While he was away at war, his wife, Isabella Scott Bullock, died Isabell Scott was born in 1820 in probably MS and died in est. 1863 in TCT. She was the mother of Bullock's children Emily Bullock, born after the census of 1850 who married John George, and Winfield Scott Bullock, who was born in 1847 and married Jane Herrington in 1879. His children lived in the home of another family in Bullock's absence, after their mother's death.

After the Civil War, Bullock returned to his home in Tyler County, and in 1865 he married James Barclay and Virginia Foster's eldest daughter, Jane Elizabeth Barclay. They raised a family in Tyler County, Texas.